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Head Coach John with the England U17 Team



Who can join the club?


Sarum Swords welcomes fencers (6 years old and over), from the complete beginner to elite athlete. The club was created to provide a pathway for young fencers moving on from plastic fencing classes. The club offers opportunities for complete beginners who simply want to learn a new sport and get active and competitive fencers of all ages and abilities


Why choose fencing?


There is good reason why fencing has been compared to chess - you learn to think quickly and respond instinctively. And you have to be fast ... this is a great workout!


Fencing improves:

- Confidence

- Concentration

- Athleticism

- Coordination

- Dexterity

- Mental Strength

- Balance

- Sportsmanship

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What does the club's training look like for our youngest fencers?


Sarum Swords provides a structured programme for children from 6 years of age to learn the exciting and dynamic sport of fencing in a fun and safe environment.


We provide a wide range of fencing-related games and activities which improve fitness through the development of balance, speed, agility, hand/eye coordination and most importantly confidence and self-discipline. Classes are structured around a series of levels allowing children to progress steadily through the programme. Fencing can teach skills that can help children be successful in life, not just in sport. That's why we set a focus on life skills.


We use fencing equipment designed and tested to CE standard to ensure the safety of the children. The youngest fencers use plastic swords which are the size of metal swords, but much lighter, allowing children to develop their point control and bladework skills without tiring.


Our junior class has been developed to encourage children to use core skills such as balance, agility and coordination which are all essential in fencing. It is also important that children at this age begin to develop social skills by working together to complete certain activities. Much of our work is done through team games which have been carefully developed to teach in a playful, constructive way. Once the basic motor skills have been learnt, we increase the focus on the more specific technical skills used in fencing, making our junior class the perfect gateway program to regular fencing as children grow.


Can I come along for a trial session?


It may be possible to arrange either to come and watch a session or to take part in a free trial session depending on class numbers. Please contact Coach John Routledge to discuss.


What do Sarum Swords classes cost?


The full 12 week term costs £90 for one session a week.

Can you join the club part-way through a term?


Yes, it is not a problem, our Coach can help you get up to speed with the rest of the club, as long as there is space available in a session! We will bill you accordingly for the sessions you take part in from that point until the end of the term.


Do I need to bring anything along?


We advise you bring refreshments, especially a drink for during and after the session. All the fencing equipment can be provided, at no extra cost, by our club.


Can adults fence at Sarum Swords?


Yes. The club welcomes competitive adult fencers to our later session.

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