Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child start earlier than the age of 6?


No. Before the age of 6 they haven’t yet built up enough stamina, concentration and physical development to be able to cope with a Sarum Swords fencing class. However if you would like to register interest for your under 6 we can place them on a waiting list.



Can boys and girls do fencing?


Yes, of course! Sarum Swords is for both boys and girls.



How do I pay for Sarum Swords classes?


We will send you an enrolment form for completion. We will require return of the form with payment by cash, cheque or bank transfer at least one week prior to your childs first class.



Can I come along for a trial session?


It may be possible to arrange either to come and watch a session or to take part in a free trial session depending on class numbers. Please contact Coach John Routledge to discuss.



What do Sarum Swords classes cost, and what does this cover?


The full 12 week term costs; £54 per child if they are doing one half hour session per week or £84 for either two half hour sessions a week or one full hour session a week. This covers costs such as coaching, venue fees, equipment and administration.



Can my child join the club part-way through a term?


Yes, it is not a problem, our Coach can help get them up to speed with the rest of the club, as long as there is space available in a session! We will bill you accordingly for the sessions your child will take part in from that point until the end of the term.



Is it dangerous?


No! The equipment is fully tested to CEN European safety standards and is specifically designed for use by young children; The classes have a “safe zone” outside of which children must wear a fencing mask; our rules ensure that children fully understand where and when they can use their swords.



Are the sessions fully insured?


All Sarum Swords sessions carry child's personal accident and public liability insurance.



Is your coach trained?


Our coach has been through detailed specialist training, has over 10 years experience of coaching primary and secondary school age childen, holds a level 5 Foil coaching qualification recognised by British Fencing, has been checked by CRB, has been trained and certified in First Aid and attended Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshops.



What does the class involve?


The class is a structured session which involves a warm up, balance and mobility exercises, blade skills including a variety of games to develop technical and tactical skills and controlled fencing matches.



How long does each session last?


Each beginner/intermediate session lasts approximately 30 minutes, and 1 hour for the intermediate/advanced session.



What should they wear?


We advise trainers, tracksuit trousers, and a long-sleeved top.



Do I need to bring anything along?


We advise you bring refreshments, especially a drink for during and after the session. All the fencing kit (masks and swords) are supplied for the session.



How many children do you have in a class?


A maximum of 12 children per class.



How serious is the coaching element?


The emphasis at Sarum Swords is a balance of enjoyment and skill development. Most of the games we play have a technical, physical or tactical goal at their heart but they are fun first! For the older classes and as the children progress we do start teaching slightly more specific fencing skills and start to introduce some more fencing terminology.



Are parents allowed to stay and watch?


Yes of course! A parent or carer is expected to stay for the duration of the class.



Am I allowed to take photographs of my child during class?


Not during class as this would be distracting. You may take a photograph of your child after fencing if you wish. N.B. Due to the current child protection laws you are not allowed to take photographs of any other child, a group shot of the children or general shots of the fencing class without first gaining the permission of all the parents concerned and the Coach.



Can I get a refund if I change my mind?


Refunds are available if a customer decides they do not want the service after the first session, less a £10 admin fee.

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